Hosting an intern through the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia gives scholars an opportunity to use and develop industry-related knowledge and skills, and prepare them for long-term employment after completing their study or training. There are also a number of potential benefits for your business.

The Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia offers vocational education and training (VET) and higher education undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD candidates with an opportunity to complete a 20 business days internship as part of the scholarships program with a Host Employer.


We are looking for organisations that are interested in hosting scholars for their 20 day internship.

Host Employer benefits

Hosting an intern offers a number of opportunities to your business including:

  • Access to high quality and motivated scholars that will bring knowledge of current trends, theories and ideas to tackle a real-world problem from the workplace
  • An opportunity to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and enhance image in the community by contributing support and expertise to future leaders
  • Develop leadership, mentoring and coaching skills of your current workforce
  • Develop valuable links with education and training institutions
  • An opportunity to promote your organisation’s brand
  • An opportunity to identify potential new talent

Reimbursement and support

Host Employers will be reimbursed for internship payments up to the value of $3000.


Host Employers will also receive a one-off payment of $500 as a contribution towards the costs of providing scholars with an internship, for example for administration and insurance expenses.

Register your interest

To register interest to participate as a Host Employer in the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia please complete the online registration form.


Please contact Gail Jackman, Internship Manager to learn more about becoming a Host Employer.