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Industry profile – Electronics and advanced manufacturing


In our industry profile series, we ask South Australian industry leaders to share their knowledge and views about their sector.

Our first profile is with Dr Ronald Grill (BSc MSc PhD), Managing Director of Technology Management Pty Ltd/Information and Communication Officer, Electronics Industry Development Adelaide Inc.

Sector: Advanced manufacturing, electronics design and manufacturing industry, including defence applications

What disciplines are in demand in your sectors? 
Electronic engineering, mechatronics, physics, computer science, software engineering

Discipline level: Graduates and postgraduates in the above fields. Positions are also available for holders of Associate Degrees or Advanced Diplomas in electronic engineering. Unskilled applicants can be trained on-the-job for product assembly, test and production machine operation.

What excites you about advanced manufacturing, the electronics industry and the defence sector in South Australia?

The incorporation of controlled intellectual property in the design, in the manufacturing processes and in the products of the high technology electronics industry that provide superior returns and allows significant investment by companies in further research and development.

How do you think the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for SA will support your sector?

Embedding students in industry during their training years provides them with an understanding of how industry works. This combines with their training which achieves an understanding of why systems work. Students with meaningful work experience are generally preferred by electronics industry employers.

What advice would you give to someone studying for a career in electronics?

Ensure that you select the appropriate secondary school subjects, including physical science and mathematics.

What’s your favourite thing about South Australia?

The collaborative interconnection between companies in the electronics industry and the consequently low level of firm-to-firm competition.